On Tuesday November 2, 2010, our campaign received the second highest vote total in the nation of the 665 third party candidates running.  We received 7.29 percent of the vote in the 4th District with 22,179 votes, the  strongest percentage of 12% coming from the County of Nevada.

The California US 4th Congressional District is what pundits call a "safe" Republican seat with 48 percent of voters registering Republican (versus 30 percent registering Democrat).  But even with the majority of voters identifying themselves as part of the Republican Party, Tom McClintock had to spend over $1.7 million dollars to secure the election.  He refused to debate either myself or the Democratic candidate, but he found time to raise $1.8 million dollars through connections he's made outside the 4th District.  Compare this to the $13,000 dollars we raised from individual donors (we refuse to take money from special interests or corporations).

We asked the question continuously throughout the campaign and ask Rep. McClintock once again: How do you intend to PAY BACK the money you raised from special interests to win the election?

So what's next?  Our campaign in 2010 was based in a citizen legislature representing real, average Americans - not special interests - and the enthusiasm and energy of our all volunteer campaign allowed us to set the foundation for making real changes in the 4th District.   I plan on running in 2012 to continue the job we set out to do: to enable a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Thanks again for your time, help, encouragement, and support!

Ben Emery

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